Happy new year 2023!
Reno Ho
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Happy New Year 2023 everyone!
A big thank you to everyone who follows LASERPITIUM! Some of you can't wait to play it, but for sure, 2023 will be the year of the game's release ­čśŐ
We are a small team and LASERPITIUM has required a colossal amount of work over the past few years. The people who participated in this project gave the best of themselves to offer a quality video game.
The objective was met since the PC version was completed in the summer of 2022. A test phase followed with many players to improve what could still be improved. Like for example the addition of a "Classic" campaign mode which allows for shorter game sessions (about 25 minutes) while allowing the player to choose the sequence of levels.
The feedback was very positive and the question that often came up was: "Will the game be released on console?". Well the answer is "Yes"! It is with great pride to announce that LASERPITIUM will be published by a major publisher on consoles! Unfortunately we can't say more for the moment, but LASERPITIUM will be released on all current consoles! The ports have started since the end of 2022 and everything will be done to ensure that they are of quality, don't doubt it!
The PC version will be published directly by THE REETEAM, surely available on the STEAM platform. Note that the PC version will be released just after the console versions.
"So how long to wait?". We cannot give precise dates, but it is very likely that you will have to wait a few more weeks. But don't worry, we'll give you all the information as soon as we can.
Thank you again and see you very soon!
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